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Glass Bottle Pitcher 1L with Cover

by Slique
Original price ₱259.75 - Original price ₱259.75
Original price ₱259.75
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Volume: 1L

Slique Glass Bottle Pitcher 1L with Cover
Color : Clear
Dimension : 13.5 x 9.5 x 20cm
Volume : 1L

Product Details:
- The Slique Glass pitcher is ideal for juice and all beverages as well. Breakthrough and unmatched brand value. Unique glass shape enhances the juice, aromas, and flavors. Preserves and presents flavors exactly as intended. Made of clear glass enabling the color of the beverages to shine. Increase the overall drinking experience.
- Sturdy, thick glass construction: Made with soda-lime glass material that is stain sound and odor proof and withstand temperature up to 20-70 from hot and cold water.
- Smooth Pouring: The corner spout lifts up for convenient pouring and snaps right back into place.
- Extra Lid: Dripless pouring spout, dustproof cover to keep things hygienic.
- Slender, Elegant, and stunning for your kitchen: Crafted with soda-lime glass that gives an outstanding clarity of your juices and resistant to drops or bumps.
- Made with soda-lime glass material
- Dripless pouring spout and dustproof.
- Comfortable Ergonomic handle.
- Care and Use:
Pour out any leftover ice or liquid in the glass.
Clean the glass in hot water with a detergent solution.
You can also hand dry with a paper towel or dish towel.
Not suitable for use on direct heat. Not microwave safe.